About Eva

Eva in studio

Back in Poland, I received extensive formal education in fine arts first, through a five year Fine Arts High School, and then six years in an Academy of Fine Arts. I graduated with Masters of Fine Arts with diplomas in both painting and artistic weaving. The variety of my artworks predominantly represent my deep concern about Nature and my strong interest in animals. I love to present the objects of my art with special twists of my own imagination.

I have worked with many different painting techniques, painting on paper, board and canvas with ink, pastels and acrylics. Initially I was committed to artistic weaving but then I switched to painting and drawing and  in recent years I have almost exclusively painted in acrylics.  My art works over the years were shown in a number of galleries and they were sold to both public and private collection in Canada and abroad.

In October 2017 we moved from Alberta to Hope, BC where now I live and work in my studio in the Lake Kawkawa area

Eva Heller